1. Good Times

From the recording Good Times

Music and lyrics by Phil Berman.
Produced by Forrest Pettengill
Mixed by Noah Georgeson
Arranged by Brandon Wilkins
Engineered by Joel Edinberg
Mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice of Peerless Mastering


Phil Berman (Voice/Guitar)
Forrest Pettengill (Bass)
Sue Buzzard (Violin)
Rachel Panitch (Violin)
Anna Stromer (Viola)
Valerie Thompson (Cello)
Jon Weidley (Trumpet)
Brandon Wilkins (Clarinet, Alto Saxophone)
Joel Edinberg (Bari Saxophone)
Pete Fanelli (Trombone)


We built a life up from the carpet on the floor
And sealed a scroll inside a handprint on the door
"Vivir Apasionato, Carpe Diem," that's my motto
Paint your colors on the walls
A golden grotto hidden in the falls

Lost in the clockwork of the day to day routine
We move from room to room with eyes on separate screens
If you still fear I fake it
Break my heart before you take it
Find a shelter from the wind
I called you over and you phoned a friend
A heavy heart remains a heart at mend
Good times

They renovated and they raised the rent
The lease was open and you lost your pen
We're starting over but we start again
Good times

We made a wager on a bright bay window rise
A shadow on the hearth but easy on the eyes
How'd we get so claustrophobic
Dancing tit-for-tat aerobics
Open up your lungs and breathe
We settled down and now you want to leave
Who knew a place could leave a space to grieve
Good times

I pinched your pocket and you bowed your head
Reiterating what you hadn't said
You might be smarter, but I'm better read
Good times

A word misheard and right on track
We staunch and launch the first attack
I bore you on my back
My salt and sweat won't let my feathers dry
Our follies volley for control
Deeper and deeper down this hole
I'll keep my heart and soul: you learn to fly

Amidst the boxes of the lives that we once knew
I cracked a rusted lock
And borrowed something blue
Who is this three-faced liar
Weeping o'er a tumble dryer
Crank the cycle up to press
The tank was empty, and I shouted "YES"
You told me "never," but I asked for less
Good times

For every bone I'd broken by mistake
I flexed a muscle and you ate your cake
I only offered what you couldn't take
Good times